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Alex Bell is a 3D Artist based in Bangkok, Thailand. Alex’s main passion is game engine enviroments, such as weapons or vehicals. Because each 3D concept is of one single item, the visual focus is the item’s composition and texture.

However, Alex and Zerofrenzy Studios are able to provide you with realistic 3D Artist product renderring and 3D concept design, for your project.

His 3D product art centers around the materials colors, and textures. Looking to use lighting and the texture that the product is composed of.

3D artist concept design will emphasize the structure, colors, positioning, and detailing in order to give a full realistic concept of your project.

3D Artist Product Rendering

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To try and explain 3D Artist Product Rendering simply, would be to say that it is the use of computer rendering programs to create CGI (computer-generated imagery). These images are often then used for many reasons, such as websites, games, movies or for selling a product before launch. But mostly they are used for marketing assets during advertising campaigns.

The reason for this is that, product rendering is a cheaper alternative to photography. Or that images that would never have been possible with photography are now easily visualised. For instance, a product is created in a 3D Artist modelling software can then be visualised by adding things such as other materials, Backdrops and enviroments or creative lighting. All which will go to create a photorealistic or non-photorealistic representation of the subject. Depending on the clients requirements.

Clients mainly wish to tell a story with their product to help their potential buyers visualize themselves using that product. Amazing eye-catching imagery is created to help tell that story. This will then allow the marketers to sell their product well before production.

Zerofrenzy 3D models can be created from sketches, photos, drawings, specifications or other CAD formats. Why not come and chat to the team and get started.

incredible 3D Concept Vehicles | 3D Artist | Zerofrenzy Studios

3D Concept Design

Zerofrenzy is a concept artist that is able to help you visualize & create art for your projects such as games, movies, and advertisements. We can create characters, creatures, vehicles, environments, and other creative assets within our studio. We can help visualize ideas so that 3D modelers, animators, and VFX teams can make these ideas ready for production and use in a commercial setting.

Bringing ideas to life through our artwork is what we do. We are able to take your project from idea to a visual representation. We can design and create any Asset that will blend well within any creative project.

Zerofrenzy stick to the fundamentals of 3D design processes as well as the design principles, to create realistic work. It’s our artist’s creativity and attention to detail that lets us design many varying styles of characters, creatures, or anything else needed for your project.

3D Concept Enviroments

3D Assets for games and animations

Zerofrenzy can present to you our game asset design service. We provide graphics for creating 3D video games.

Should you be looking for  3D gaming assets for your own games, our service boasts the highest quality AAA 3D game assets. By using our amazing artists and resources, you will find our Premium game assets and high quality 3D art ready for use in your game or project.

From characters, vehicals, weapons, full enviroments and small game assets. Our goal is to provide you with the best game content for your projects.

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